“Lisa is exactly the kind of person everyone wishes they had for a colleague; positive, smart, reliable, flexible, and passionate about her work. When someone asks for help, she’s always the first person to volunteer. She’s a consummate teacher and her insights and dedication have made her a tremendous asset on our instructional design team.”
Meredith Farkas, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Librarian, and General Education Instruction Coordinator, Portland State University

“I first met Lisa when she was a student in a web development and information architecture class that I teach. Pretty quickly I realized that Lisa was the kind of student that makes teaching worthwhile and the kind of student that makes it clear that there are smart critical and forward thinkers going into the education/library profession. Lisa excelled in the class and we have kept in touch about work and projects since she graduated from library school. In that time I’ve seen Lisa facilitate projects for students in academic institutions and I’ve seen her continue to learn and develop skills as an educational professional. Lisa doesn’t just say, ‘OK, I’m done, no need to learn more.’ She keeps learning and testing and thinking in order to do what she does even more successfully. She’s a great asset to the profession.”
Linda Braun, Educational Technology Consultant and Project Manager, LEO Online.

"Lisa Molinelli extends herself to help students and faculty across university programs. She tailored useful and easy to understand information on database searches to the needs of my students in First Year Craft of Language as well as for my politics and literature students in the university’s diversity outreach program, Ignatian College Connection. I use Lisa’s tips myself!"
—Sean Pierre Chambers, Adjunct Professor, St. Joseph’s University

"Lisa Molinelli has an uncanny ability to zero in on the content requested and supply meaningful information an author can easily use for research and book ideas. I recommend her highly!"
— Beth Wilson, Best-selling author, He’s Just No Good For You: A Guide to Getting Out of a Destructive Relationship

"Lisa Molinelli is the ultimate professional—dedicated, diligent, and informed. She is absolutely the person I want helping me!"
—Mary O. Murphy, Manuscripts Cataloger/Processor, Schlesinger Library

“Lisa is the ideal editor: meticulous with the blue pencil, yet gentle in conveying constructive criticism. She treated my book with as much care as I did, so it was a joy working with her from proposal through publication.”
Carol Goodman Kaufman, author, Sins of Omission and Visiting Scholar, Brudnick Center on Violence & Conflict, Northeastern University

“Sharp. Organized. Hardworking. Graceful with both the written word , new technologies, and managing the workflows of wildly different acquisitions editors at a trade publishing house: you must be talking about Lisa Molinelli. Imagine the quiet, self-assured charm of Audrey Hepburn and the fierce attention to detail and follow through of CSI’s finest and you’re beginning to understand the unique blend of diplomacy, creativity, and zest for getting everything right that marks anything that Lisa does. Whether working with intransigent writers who try to weasel just one more day on a deadline to managing her own book projects, Lisa is both an enthusiastic team player and an adept, one-on-one negotiator. Many authors have her to thank for helping them hit the finish line.”
—Jill Rothenberg, Editor, Geological Society of America and Instructor, mediabistro.com

"Lisa is a real asset to the Writing Center. Students value her intelligent insights and her calm, friendly demeanor. I am fortunate to have Lisa on my staff, and I thoroughly enjoy working with her—she is always pleasant, eager to contribute, and reliably capable!"
—Elizabeth Brown, Writing Center Coordinator, Simmons College

"Lisa Molinelli is intelligent, curious, and collegial, and she possesses a solid foundation of knowledge and experience that she consistently and conscientiously builds upon. She sees every interaction as a potential learning experience and goes beyond what is required so that she not only satisfies the immediate need but also so that she adds to her own body of knowledge."
—Lynda Leahy, Reference Librarian, Schlesinger Library