My 15 Minutes

It has been a GOOD long while since I blogged. And if there’s one thing I know about social media and blogging, absence means death. So I’m starting something new: a rebirth. Inspired by my good friend at Good Things Darling and author Gretchen Rubin, I’m setting aside 15 minutes a day to blog. I made this decision weeks ago, but it took until now to actually do it. I had all sorts of excuses: It’s been so long, no one will care! My blog and my online infrastructure is so old, maybe I should wait until I can update my entire online presence (ha)! I need a timer so I know exactly how long I will have! I need some ideas! Well, maybe no one will care–at least at first. But I bought a timer last weekend, and I’ve slowly begun to reinvigorate my online presence (though my website and blog space still need a great deal of work). I even started writing a list of topics on my new favorite online organization tool: Evernote (dear friend to list-makers and article collectors everywhere). And the fact is, THIS blogspace is here, now. I can still use it to begin this process of reinventing my online self and getting back into writing–something I miss terribly, beyond writing my daily emails and tweets. So here I am: I’ve shown up. I’ve decided showing up and being tenacious might be the most important things you can do in life. So that’s what I’m going to do: show up at whatever blog space is available to me for 15 minutes a day and write. I may write about professional stuff, like instruction and training, UX design, online tools, social media, libraries, and information literacy. Or I may write about life lessons I’ve been considering: like this whole “showing up” business, or how to network like an introvert. I may write about writing. Or something else entirely. I decided I’m not going to restrict my blog to the serious OR the silly. I think those days of clear strong lines between the two are coming to an end. So this blog is just going to be as thoughtful as I can make it–in 15 minutes.